Monday, December 28, 2009

The best gift of all!

Well Christmas is over and I have never felt more love than I do right now. To me Christmas is all about giving. I get a good feeling thinking about giving the right gift, not just any gift but what I think would be the perfect gift. This year it was all about what I could afford. I came up with funny little things that I thought everyone woud like. Cheese and Crackers for my nephew that love cheese and jello pudding cups to make single serving puddings. But this year it was all about what I received. Since I quit my job time have been tough and during this recession my husbands wages were cut so money needless to say has been tight. But this year I realized the best gift of all is my very loving and supportive family. And I mean support from all of my family from my daughter helping fix my computer so I can continue selling on ebay,  (my ebay has been extremely helpful)  to my sons who have helped the most by loaning me money to make rent. I thought this Christmas was going to be terrible but My sister-in-laws really made Christmas for my kids an x- box 360  gift certificates and more!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
The best present I received though was a gift from my son a little note that he wrote and printed on a small piece of paper. I cried all day and still get choked up over it. Here is the photo of the original note.

In the envelope he put $30.00 that he had save from mowing lawns this summer. By the way he also gave me $40.00 to buy our normal goodies to have on Christmas Day like Salami and Cheese, spiced nuts, Veggies.and pie. I don't know what I did to deserve such good kids but I am very proud of all of them.
Photo of Jesse and me. Such a good boy!!!