Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas not always perfect.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Well it is the day after Christmas and I am happy to say that I finished the PJ"S in the nick of time. But I have to tell you the story about the whole agonizing process. First of all my machine was on the fritz for about a week, so I dusted off the cobwebs on my moms old machine figured out how to thread it and went to town. (It was Christmas Eve and I wanted them to have the PJ"s so they could wear them to bed). I called my son and asked when they would all be together. He said to bring them at 9:00 So I finished the last pair at 8:45 and rushed to wrap up the last set.  Off I went.... Feeling very relieved and ready to relax, I came home only to remember that I still didn't finish the recipe books that I was making. ( instructions to follow) EEEEEK.... Anyway long story short I was up until 2:00am finishing my projects.  So yesterday (Christmas day) my son call me to let me know that they did not even get to open the pj's because his girlfriends little girls father came too early to pick them up. So much stress for nothing!! I still haven't heard about the PJ"S so I don't know if they even opened them yet. We had a wonderful Christmas tons of goodies and  kids going wild. The moral of the story is there is no sense stressing trying to create a perfect Christmas just have fun and enjoy!.

Recipe book instructions
I took 2 pieces of chipboard and cut them into 6 inch squares
scrapped them with some really cool paper.  Place stickers on the outside
that reads FAMILY RECIPES you could also use stamps for the letters
or just print it out on copy paper and chalk the edges.
on the corner punch a hole for a ring to fit through.
print out your favorite recipes size 4.5 inches and cut them into
5 inch squares. I took card stock to create the dividers such as sweet treats
main dishes and appetizers. cut out a shape for tabs on the edge.
I bought a set of measuring spoons at the dollar store placed the ring through
the hole and decorated with ribbon.
Christmas might be over but this would make
a great Valentines Day or Mothers Day Gift.