Thursday, December 24, 2009

What Christmas is all about

To me Christmas is all about Family and friends getting together and eating the day away. I love catching up on the year that just past and getting to know your family all over again. I  had such a great time yesterday.  It was full of eating goodies and scrapbooking. I still haven't got my scrapbook finished but I love it already. My sister-in-law Jodie co-owner of Sharin' Memories came over and showed me a new scrapbook idea and we went to town scrapping. That is in between making snacks and eating. I bet I have gained 15 lbs. since Thanksgiving!!! Any way they are having a class on this scrapbook and as soon as it is over. I will put up a link for the directions of this book. You are going to love it she is so clever. My digital world is still on hold as I still can't find my adobe 7.0  but for now I will get my fix with traditional scrapbooking.  This is the finished product that Jodie brought to show me. How cute is this!!!

Today I have got to finish sewing the PJ's no more excuses as they have to be delivered tonight!!!AHHHHHH.....