Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Organization: Save time and energy by organizing your life!

Well it is 5:00am and I am so excited that I just could not lay there anymore. First of all I have to tell all of you what a wonderful daughter and son-in-law I have. THANK YOU BECKY AND DEAN! The power pack they bought for me arrived and I installed it two nights ago. Now I am not sure how I did it and I made a couple of mistakes putting it in (no surprize there). Anyway after a few mistakes and being on the phone with her and her husband for a couple of hours the power pack was in and working. YES!!!   I thought all of my troubles were over since I already had adobe 7.0 on that computer, Now it was up and running. but somehow I seemed to have forgotten that I hated that computer and never used it because ever since I put Vista on it it ran extremely slow..... So while I was trying to get it to run better and put new updates on it suddenly it turned off and would not reboot OH NO!!!! So now what??? I knew my restore discs that came with the computer didn't work either (since vista) it says it doesn't recognize the disc. Thank goodness I have an xp disc and decided to put it on there. OMG it is running!!! it is running!!! It is fast and working GREAT!!! So now I have  a great running computer but no adobe 7.0. Here is the the best News of all I went to google and found a trial version and downloaded it just so I could get started with my new templates The trial version was good for 30 days but since I had the original key that came with the software I decided to give it a try. It worked!!! I was able to unlock the trial version and NOW I HAVE ADOBE 7.0

I spent all day on the computer trying to fix the problem and all night trying to find my disc I did a lot of editing and even though I didn't find my disc I was able to organize the rest of them and  put all of my computer dis'c together in one location.  I should not have this problem again!!!
Here is a photo of my disc's No wonder I can't find anything!!!