Saturday, February 27, 2010

Broken toe

I can't stand it anymore I tried, and tried, and tried, not to complain.  I do feel guilty about complaining since my sister-in-law just broke her ankle and had to get 9 screws put in to hold it together and my nephew just had his second operation on his broken leg and even though I know my toe doesn't compare to the pain they are going through.
It all began on the 21st of February I will never forget it because I woke up early (as usual can't really sleep these days) to get ready for the festivities of the day. I was so excited because everyone was coming to help Jesse celebrate. (Celebrating yet another birthday). As I was walking down the stairs (in the dark mind you) I got close to the bottom and....  well I don't really know what happened but my toe got caught on the edge of the stair and down I went all of my weight on my big toe. The sad part about it is that nobody really cares when you break a toe. I mean I know it is not like an arm or a leg but you would be surprised what you need your big toe for. I can hardly walk and in the evening after being on it all day it swells up and creates an unbearable swollen pad on the bottom of my foot. OK OK enough complaining.  (For now anyway).

I will dance again! (when my broken toe gets better).