Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hippy Birthday Party Idea

My Grandaughter Abbie just turned 12 and when asked what kind of birthday party she wanted she said
a Hippy Party. She wanted everyone to dress up like a hippy. Now I don't know if this is a new trend or what but she also was a Hippy for Halloween. So we started looking up all of those hippy sayings and quotes and came up with quite a few. Such as WOW MAN!!! FAR OUT! PEACE! LOVE NOT WAR! Abbie being such an artis I thought it would be fun if she made her own decorations and of course less dad dropped her off the day before the party to help me decorate. We took a blank paper table cloth (purchased at costco) and drew all over it with crayons. It came out pretty good everyone loved looking at the pictures and sayings. She also took some paper and cut out little peace signs placed a string at the top and hung them all over the ceiling. I made an icecream cake and decorated it with a peace sign on the top of the cake. It was yummy!!!. Mint chocolate chip icecream (my favorite) with chocolate cake on the top. We had face paint availale for anyone that didn't come in costume so they could participate in the best costume contest. We had such a blast I think dressing up in costume is the way to go for birthdays!!! Here are a few photos of the event!
The Cake!
Making this cake was really easy I took the pan I was going to bake the cake in and  spread out some wax paper. Then I spread slightly thawed icecream into the bottom of the pan and placed it back into the freezer. When it was completely frozen I placed the bottom of the cake pan in hot water for 5 seconds for easy removal. Dump out the icecream onto the dish you will be using to serve. Place it back into the freezer until ready to frost. Bake your favorite cake in the same pan you molded the icecream. After baking allow 5 minutes to cool then turn cake onto a seperate serving plate and allow to cool completely. After cooled you can cut the cake in half if desired take out the icecream and place it in the middle of the two layers. (You could skip cutting the cake in half and just leave the cake whole and place it on top of the icecream). Frost with desired flavor of frosting and you are finished.

Everyone got into the act even Liam the "LOVE CHILD"

Winners of the best Hippy costume contest!