Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chocolate Chip Nightmare & tutorial on how to Dress up your blog with your very own header.

So before I write this tutorial on how to add  your own header to your blog I have to tell you about the chocolate chip that almost killed me. Well maybe killed is not the right word but it sure did hurt me. (If you don't really care just scroll down to tutorial). To understand why, you have to read "My big toe really hurts" so you know the predicament I am in. So by now everybody should know that I broke my toe a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been walking on the side of my foot to try to keep off my big toe. Well needless to say now the bottom of my foot is really...really... really... sore. Now comes problem with the evil chocolate chip. My husband was craving chocolate so I decided to make him some chocolate chip cookies. He was very kind and told me he didn't want me in the kitchen for 3 hours baking but if I made them he would eat them. Of course... I started making cookies. Sometime between opening the bag of chocolate chips and putting them in the bowl one fell and landed on the floor. You guessed it I stepped right on the point of the chip and it stabbed into the sorest part of my foot. OMG!!!! It really hurt.... it felt just like I stepped on a tack. Needless to say I am not making anymore chocolate chip cookies for awhile.
So now back to the tutorial on how to add your own header to your blog. Hopefully I will get more headers up real soon but for now I wanted to help you fully understand how you can customize your header.

Blogger Header installation instructions
Find a header you like then begin
1.Right Click on the picture it will bring up a new window you want to click on "save picture as" a new box will come pop up and show files on your computer click on the destination where you want to save your header or buttons. ( I always save them on my desktop so I can find them easily. This can be
changed after you finish updating your blog. At this point you can open up the header in your
favorite software and add your title. Save as a jpeg file.

2.Log into your Blogger account
3.Click on the tab that says "Layout"
4.Click where it says "Header" (the middle of the top of your layout) Click on the edit
button that is located on the far rignt had side.

5.Add a title where it says blog title. This is required but don't worry this will not show up
on your blog.
6.Under "description write a little about your blog this will not show up either
7.Now where it says image click on the dot that says from your computer hit the browse
and find your header.
8. Where it says placement click on the dot that says instead of title and description.

9. Click save and enjoy your new blog title.