Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free Happy St. Patricks Day Digital quick page

Kiss me I'm Irish!!! Yes I am truly Irish. Well, actually, I am a transplant from Scotland  so I am really Scotch Irish. My grandpa's last name was McGrew. The McGrew clan was kicked out of Scotland and had to flee to Ireland. They McGrews were not allowed to walk down the street in groups of more than 5 McGrews. They must have been a rowdy bunch nothing but trouble!

It seems that St. Patrick's Day is celebrated more in America than in Ireland and on St. Patrick's Day in America everybody is Irish. It's the perfect holiday, whether there's Irish blood running through your veins or not. Of course there are a few rules when it comes to St. Patrick's Day. Make sure you wear green clothing just a little don't go crazy just enough so you don't get pinched. Everybody gives an Irish toasts, . . . drinks green beer or Irish whiskey . . . now let the fun begin! Of course I couldn't let St. Patrick's day go by without posting a St. Patty's day freebie so here is a quick page for your favorite St. Patty's day photo. Click here to download through 4shared.