Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Digital Desktop Wallpaper

Something new for everyone to enjoy. Do you have a boring background on your computer? I have so many photos that I used for my digital photo backgrounds that I thought it would be fun to create free desktop wallpapers for everyone. With spring in the air (well it was in the air now it is a bit nippy again)  but the tulips and spring flowers are beautiful so I thought the first wallpapers should be of the beautiful tulips. Photos taken by me at the Tulip festival in Mount Vernon Washington.
It is so........ east to install wallpaper anyone can do it, just click on the size of the photo you want and a new window will pop up. Right click on the photo in the new window and set as background that's it!!!
           smaller size 600 X 800                                            Larger size size 1024 X 768