Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July Digital Cupcake Wrappers

This week I was busy with my son's birthday he turned 19 and we had a huge family party 28 people in all almost everyone in the family came. I was very happy. Nothing is better than a family gathering with lots of food!!! OK! OK! OK! the one thing I left out was that it was my birthday also 52 yrs old!!! Dylan was born on my birthday what a birthday present. Time sure flies by when you are having fun and raising 5 kids. Instead of baking a cake this time I chose to make three different types of cupcakes. I made German chocolate with a cream cheese filling, lemon, and my favorite strawberry with strawberry filling. This would be a great cupcake for the 4th of July just add some blueberries and you have a red white and blue cupcake.
This cupcake was so easy and fun to make just bake your favorite cake and pipe in some strawberry filling with diced strawberries.  Frost with white frosting and place the strawberry on top. For the strawberry I just made slices through the bottom part of the strawberry leaving the stem part closed. I pressed my thumb on the top to fan it out and stuck it on top of the cupcake. I then sprinkled toasted cake all over the top.  Scroll down to download my 4th of July cupcake wrappers.
Here is a chance to use all of your fancy scrapbooking scissors to cut around the top of the cupcake wrapper for a special touch. Also I included embellishments just glue to a toothpick and place in the top of the cupcake for a fun display.  Click on photo to bring it up larger then right click and find save as and click and save in a folder on your computer. Enjoy!