Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Beach Digital Download

Summer is finally here. Hot everywhere in the country, well not everywhere, not here. You wouldn't know it was Summer around here, we have had a couple of nice days but for the most part it has been cloudy. So the inspiration for this template has nothing to do with the weather or Summer but a crazy idea I had the other day. HAMBURGERS ON A HOT DOG BUN ANYONE??? That's right I had a ton of hot dog buns left from Jesse's graduation party and no hamburger buns. So I got the brilliant idea to use them for hamburgers. Now there are several ways of doing this, 1.Make a round hamburger and cut it in half place on bun (easy right).  2. Cut the bun in half and place the hamburger on bun (not the best idea the buns fall apart).  3. The craziest way of all (and of course it was my first idea) form your hamburger patty in a long hot dog shape, cook and place on bun. . They were pretty good and the kids loved them. NO MORE HOT DOG BUNS YEA!!!! Now while I was cooking I was thinking about having a picnic you know hot dogs on the open fire. I can't wait for Summer to arrive here!!!
I hope you enjoy.